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This is a combination captain’s house and living room. A large, loft-like space where you can rest, sleep, cook, dine, read and watch your friends tie up their boats when they join you for lunch or dinner.
It is all about the light here. Windows and doors abound.


Furniture is ‘eclectic’ mixed with ‘contemporary’: A Ligne Roset chair, A Scandinavian drafting table that goes up and down (as long as the generator is on), An antique model of a Dutch battle ship high up against the gable end. Whitewashed wood floors. A custom dining table, seating twelve. Matching chairs. All lights on dimmers. A gas fire place (just flip the switch). A large ‘Jambox’ speaker, so you can stream your favorite tunes from Spotify, or Apple Radio.  An all-in-one Epson printer.

A rustic (
to put it mildly), but user-friendly kitchen, with a gas-burning range, and
views (
for the cook) of Mason’s Island, and the Normandy coast of France (if your eyes are really strong). 
You can also sleep in the saloon, on a king-size bed with a tempurpedic mattress. Waking up in this bed,
at this location, facing the fireplace, is as good as it gets - anywhere…

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