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If you enjoy cooking, and entertaining, the kitchen area, barbecue, as well as indoor,
and outdoor dining tables give you options for both casual, and more formal gatherings.


Of course there is hiking: Both ends of the island are easily accessed. They are wooded, and there are various places that are great for a picnic, each site with unique views towards the mainland, or the open ocean.



Spectacle Island also comes with a long, sandy beach, facing West, and an equally long ‘pebble’ beach facing East. They are not private beaches, as all coastal lands in the Atlantic Provinces are public up to the high-water line, but there are rarely others to share the beach with, and if so, they are likely to be locals, and they might have a few good stories to tell about the history of Spectacle, and its surroundings.


If you don’t mind cold water, the swimming is stellar. Water temperatures in the summer vary
between 65 and 72 degrees Fahrenheit (18 and 22 degrees Celsius). While snorkeling,
you can see scallops, lobster, crabs and a variety of fish, both large and small.



There are also two kayaks that you can use to stay in shape,
or to explore other islands nearby, such as Bella, Zwicker, Ernst or Rous.


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Getting Around


Spectacle Island comes with the two boats mentioned above, and with a 1997 Chevy Suburban (in excellent shape. It only has 70,000 original miles). Your mainland access is a leased dock in Indian Point, and one parking space at the dock. If you want to explore the larger area of Mahone Bay by boat, you may want to bring your own, as ‘Plan-B’ is on the slow side… 

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