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mahone bay

The Mahone Bay area is world famous for its scenic coastline, its islands, and for three iconic communities: Lunenburg, a world heritage center, the town of Mahone Bay, and Chester, a trendy yachting community. The three towns are all very different from each other. Each one can be easily reached by boat, along with various other towns, resorts and hamlets situated along the rugged shore.


There are supposed to be 360 islands sitting in the bay, but only (!) about 50 are substantial enough to visit. The largest is Tancook Island, located in the mouth of the bay. It has about one hundred (mostly seasonal) residents, who connect to the mainland by ferry.


For power boaters, and/or sailors Mahone Bay is a maritime paradise. Deep water between the many islands allows sailboats, and yachts, to cruise the bay comfortably without much risk of running aground. Hundreds of inlets, rivers, hidden harbors, and sandy beaches can be accessed by boat, in a radius of not more than 7 miles from Spectacle Island.

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Halifax, the provincial capital of Nova Scotia is located about 45 minutes by car from Indian Point.
It has a population of 300,000. Halifax is an important harbor for merchant ships, cruise ships, oil support vessels and the Canadian Navy. But Halifax, and neighboring Dartmouth, are also home to six universities,
and various other schools. The twin cities offer a dining, shopping, nightlife, and an art scene that is both intimate, and cosmopolitan.


the airport

The Halifax International Airport - with direct connections to Washington DC, New York, Boston, Chicago, Montreal, Toronto, London, Frankfurt and Paris, among others - must be one of the most ‘laid-back’ international gateways in the world. From Indian Point it can be reached by car in less than an hour (traffic permitting…).


On a clear summer night, you can sit on the Spectacle deck, and - using on your cell - you can find out where all those planes going East, high above in the sky, are headed to: Rome, Paris, London, Tel Aviv, Frankfurt, Doha, Moscow – they are all skirting Spectacle on their way over there….
Where would you rather be?

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