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Spectacle Island has been built to provide a powerful experience of ocean living, yet much emphasis has been given to creature comforts, and a small environmental footprint.


There are two wells on the island, thus there is plenty of fresh water….


Eight 100 lb propane bottles provide fuel for the water heater, washer, dryer, kitchen stove, refrigerator, gas fire places, and barbecue.


A Honda silent-run generator, located behind the Utility House, is the power source for the water pump, lights, espresso machine, and to re-charge your ‘devices’.

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there are two boats:

1) A twelve-foot metal rowboat that is used to get from the
beach to the swim platform, and / or to the moorings.

2) ‘Plan-B’, A 23 foot, Pulsifer Hampton wood skiff, powered by a 29 hp Yanmar Diesel engine. It is kept either tied to the swim platform, or – when the wind is blowing harder – it is moored to one of two mooring blocks.


The mooring blocks are also available for your boater guests, to tie on if needed.


For trips to the mainland, there is a private dock (leased by Spectacle Island Resort) located in Indian Point, about two miles to the West. It comes with one parking space for a car, and with an extra mooring.

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phone and internet

A 4G network covers the Mahone Bay area, so your cell phones should work just fine. Spectacle also comes with a ‘resident’ cell phone, on a local data plan. It is used for tethering your laptop, tablet and cell phone, so you can access the Internet, and stream Netflix on a stormy night via a wireless LAN.


room service and maintenance

House keeping service is provided once a day (weather permitting).
The housekeeper can also shop for you, and deliver groceries, and other supplies.

Spectacle Winterized

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