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On Spectacle Island less is definitely more…
There are eight beds (nine, if you count the bed in the shed), so two families with two children each 
would be quite comfortable. But one family with two or three children is better,
and a couple alone, with occasional houseguests, is best.



Spending time on Spectacle, has much to do with an almost ‘unreal’ sensation of freedom, and a kind of ‘exuberant solitude’, that tends to nurture both romance and introspection. Therefore the owner’s recommendation is to keep it small and simple. You will get more out of it…

renting spectacle island


Spectacle Island can be rented, in its entirety, including two boats, and a car, for US$ 1,000 per day, for a minimum of two weeks (14 days) during the main season (July 1st to August 31st).


It can also be rented for US$ 750 per day, during the shoulder season, which includes all of June, September and October.


For more information please email or phone Bernt Kuhlmann.

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