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No noise. No lights. Waves lapping up against the beach. The sun rising over water - the sun setting over water. A myriad of stars above. The smell of fresh salmon on the barbecue. Ospreys circling overhead. A cormorant on the dock, wings extended, motionless… Fireworks far away, on the mainland, reminder of the world you have left behind. Welcome to Spectacle Island.





Ten acres, shaped like a pair of ‘Spectacles’. Both ends wooded. From the Teepee site a view towards Lunenburg, and the Atlantic Ocean. Other views of water, islands - everywhere. Four cottages. A long, sandy beach. Wetlands. Acres of rosehip and raspberry bushes. A swim platform. A ‘clothes line’ to keep small boats from getting stuck on the beach at low tide. A wooden skiff, ready for trips to the mainland…

© 2014 Spectacle Island Resort

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